E2 Energy & Environmental Solutions

A Division of Jendoco Construction

The Jendoco Team has been pioneers in green building and sustainability in the Pittsburgh area and around the world for the last 20+ years. Collectively, our team has either constructed or consulted on over 42 million square feet of LEED Projects, including LEED Pilot Projects in New Construction and in Existing Buildings.

We have completed projects ranging from LEED Certified to LEED Platinum and in sizes from 6,500 SF to over 17 million SF in a variety of building types from commercial to institutional to higher education and medical. In 2013, Chris Klehm joined Jendoco Construction, creating a position of Vice President of Sustainability to further focus the Jendoco Team on issues of green building and institute sustainably business practices.

Chris brought along his sustainable consulting company, Energy & Environmental Solutions, into Jendoco, where we continue to consult on complex LEED and green building projects across the country. This experience of worldwide green and LEED Projects provides a depth of understanding and innovative approaches to sustainability that is unrivaled.

We have instituted a number of Sustainable Best Management Practices for our projects, providing training and guidance for both the field and office staff in LEED and sustainability. Some of our Best Management Practices include:

  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Construction Stormwater Management
  • Construction Waste Management
  • Construction Indoor Air Quality Management
  • Green Practices for Final Cleaning
  • Green Materials Procurement
  • Managing Green Building Projects
  • Documentation for LEED Project

Jendoco provides on-going LEED Training and continuing education, hosted by LEED Fellow and former USGBC Faculty Member Chris Klehm, who has taught over 3,500 people around the world in LEED, particularly the contractor’s role in LEED. Chris holds regular training for LEED Green Associates Test Preparation and LEED AP’s with Specialty. This year we also plan to host classes in:

  • Red List Materials
  • Envelope Commissioning
  • Passive House Basics
  • Contractors Role in Living Buildings

Jendoco has registered with the Green Workplace Challenge for 2016 and is currently investigating the ILFI’s Just Label for the firm. Currently we engage in recycling and green cleaning practices and have been analyzing our office building with infrared technology and EnergyStar baselining. We have made improvements to the building in order to increase employee comfort and reduce energy usage. Our in-house goals include:

  • Sustainable Purchasing Policies
  • Implementation of on-site Renewable Energy
  • Deeper Recycling Efforts
  • Increasing Ventilation Rates
  • Sustainable Landscaping Practices

At Jendoco, we believe that we are stewards of our client’s projects as well as stewards of the earth. We have been active in the regional green building community providing leadership and education. Our company president, Michael Kuhn, currently serves on the board of Pittsburgh’s Green Building Alliance and is in his 11th year.  He has filled every executive position including the most recent Board President.

Chris Klehm is the founding chair of the GBA and has served on the board at two different times.

Jendoco Construction Corporation has been, and remains, an industry leader in sustainable construction.  From Penn Center West Building #6, one of the first “Green” buildings in Western Pennsylvania and a LEED 1.0 pilot project in 1997, to the first LEED Platinum project, The Green Building Alliance Headquarters, in 2009.  In addition, to these two pioneering projects, Jendoco has managed many other diverse green building projects including:

  • CORO Center for Civic Leadership (LEED-CI Gold, Pilot)
  • The Carriage House Children’s Center/Wightman School Community Building (LEED-EB Gold)
  • Gregory Barnes Center for Biotechnology Business Development at Clarion University (LEED – NC Gold)
  • The Senator John Heinz History Center – Smithsonian and Sports Wing (LEED-NC Silver)
  • The Carnegie Museum of Natural History-Dinosaurs in Their Time (LEED-NC Silver)
  • Carnegie Mellon University Doherty Hall Phase II (LEED-NC Silver)
  • The Duquesne University Power Center (LEED-NC Silver)
  • PNC Bank-Oakmont Branch (LEED-NC Silver)
  • Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business – GSIA West Entrance Addition (LEED-NC Silver)
  • St Vincent College Sis and Herman Dupre Science Pavilion, Biology and Chemistry Buildings (LEED–CI Gold)
  • Steel City Rowing Club Boathouse (LEED–NC Gold)
  • Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business – 1st Floor Renovations (LEED-CI)
  • Carnegie Mellon University Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall (LEED–NC Gold)

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