Safety COVID-19

Jendoco Construction Corporation is committed to delivering quality work while maintaining the safety and health of our workers. To ensure a safe workplace, we implement a very thorough Safety COVID-19 Protocol.

JENDOCO continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and the threat it poses to our employees, associates, communities and business, as well as the economic impacts that it is having on a global basis, but more specifically on our industry and our region.  

 The situation remains fluid and continues to change rapidly. As such, Jendoco continues to be flexible and adapt.  

 Please know that leadership at Jendoco is carefully spending time on understanding this issue and addressing employee safety, jobsite safety, and business continuity. Know that our values, since our founding in 1957, will guide us through this process.  As our response to this unprecedented crisis evolves, we will use our core values more than ever.  We will all understand that fellow employees are all going through trying times.  We will reach the other side of this crisis and when we do, we will stand together knowing we lived by our values. 

We know we will all band together at this defining moment to be there for each other and help slow the spread of the coronavirus, relieve pressure on public health and hospitals, and preserve the health and lives of community members while doing our very best to continue the important work we do for clients with the same attention to delivering a quality construction experience.

Jendoco has developed and implemented protocols for our office and all Jendoco project sites that mandate the use of PPE, in particular face masks, along with other measures of hygiene and social distancing. We are also utilizing SPARK technology to control access to our sites by individuals that present a risk and facilitate contact tracing.

Please contact us for more information about Jendoco’s approach to COVID-19  or to review our comprehensive COVID-19 Protocols that will remain effective until otherwise directed.