Safety Program

Jendoco Construction Corporation is committed to delivering quality work while maintaining the safety and health of our workers. To ensure a safe workplace, we implement our new Jendoco Safety Program.

TRAIN – Training is essential to ensure that our team has the knowledge to identify and proactively address risks, comply with safety regulations, and properly handle tools and equipment.  For Jendoco, this training starts with our partnerships with the Carpenter’s and Laborer’s unions. Through apprenticeship programs and continuing education, our workforce has the foundational understanding of how to work safely.  Additionally, Jendoco requires our key personnel to participate in mandatory safety training on a regular basis. From weekly Tool Box Talks to equipment operation Certifications, OSHA 30 Hour Certification, and CPR and First Aid Certification, Jendoco provides the training to make sure that our team has the knowledge of how to work safely.

PLAN – Proper planning is the next essential step to ensure that our work is delivered safely. Coupled with the necessary training, our team will analyze the work that needs accomplished, identify safety risks and compliance exposures, and collaboratively develop a plan to mitigate said risk and exposures. This planning occurs during preconstruction as well as prior to starting each new work activity on site and is documented using our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form.

COMMUNICATE – Upon developing a plan to safely execute our work, it is important to communicate this plan to all participating individuals. Through effective communication we can be confident that the entire team understands the plan and their role to complete the work in a manner that best protects the health and safety of themselves and others around them. 

EQUIP – Along with communicating a plan, it is important that we provide all of the necessary resources to our men and women in the field to perform safely. Equipping our team begins with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety helmets with integrated chin straps and eye shields, ear protection, gloves, high-viz vests, and masks to providing the appropriate tools and equipment for a specific task.

INSPECT – Before, during, and after execution of the work, our team inspects the project site for hazards, potential risks, and compliance with mandatory safety protocols. Each project has an on-site competent person that performs a formal site safety inspection weekly and directs all work activities on a daily basis.  Additionally, Jendoco will perform safety inspections through our Safety Director or one of our third-party partners. 

EMPOWER – In addition to our Safety Director, Project Managers, Job Site Superintendents, and on-site competent persons, Jendoco empowers all individuals on a job site to identify risks and stop work to address potential risks and unsafe conditions. Whether their own work, or the work of another, we believe that it is important for everyone on site to be attentive to their own health and safety, and that of their fellow workers.