Safety Leadership

Jendoco Construction Corporation is committed to delivering quality work while maintaining the safety and health of our workers. To ensure a safe workplace, we trust our Safety Leadership.

Jendoco management knows that safety is not  an aspect of construction that can be prioritized or dictated if we are to achieve our goals of keeping every individual that enters our jobsites healthy and safe.  Rather, safety must be a part of our corporate culture, that is unwavering and non-negotiable.  Every employee should perform their job safely, not because management directs them to, but because they want to. We recognize that we lead by example, and that our actions speak louder than words.

One way that we can lead with action is to invest in employee safety. Recently, Jendoco management made the use of a new type of hard hat a mandatory component of our employee’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This new hard hat is designed for construction although looks more like a bike helmet with an integrated chin strap, and costs more than ten times that of a standard construction hard hat. At first, this initiative was met with resistance due to the look of the helmets, but upon explaining the purpose, and the fact that we never want to have a head injury because a worker’s hard hat fell off, our employees began to accept them.  After a very short time, our employees began expressing gratitude for our investment as the helmets were more comfortable, had an integrated eye shield, and made them feel safer.

Another way that we can lead with action is to provide the necessary training and resources that are required to perform each job safely and empower each individual to stop work as necessary if they see an unsafe situation. Jendoco requires all of our Project Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, and key personnel to obtain OSHA 30-hour certification, as well as regular training throughout the year. We utilize mobile technology to virtually provide and track safety training, as well as manage employee certifications.

Jendoco is a member of General Contractors Insurance (GCI), which is a “best-In-Class” captive insurance program that has very high standards for entrance, as each member assumes the other’s risk. GCI understands that the best way to mitigate risk is to set high standards for entry and to create programs for members to proactively manage 

safety within their own organizations.  Some of these programs that Jendoco benefits directly from include mandatory annual safety conferences, an annual safety assessment with recommendations and improvement plans, safety consultation (general and job specific), and training.