Carriage House

Children’s Center

Carriage House

Children’s Center


Carriage House Children’s Center
5604 Solway Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Moshier Studio
1501 Reedsdale St Ste 301, Pittsburgh, PA 15233


  • Historic Renovation
  • 100 years old building
  • Occupied building though construction
  • First LEED EB Gold in PA
  • Safe Project
  • Nation’s first Green Childcare Facility in a Renovated Building.


  • LEED EB requirements and obtain a Gold rating
  • Nation’s first Green Childcare Facility in a Renovated Building.

Carriage House – Children Center

Jendoco Construction Corporation was selected to provide Pre-construction and General Construction Services for the Carriage House Children’s Center. The Center is located within the historic Wightman School Community Building. Our scope of work consisted of complete remodeling of the Basement Level, new lighting and mechanical upgrades to the First Floor and to add exterior ground face block storage buildings and a recycling center.

The task at hand presented three major challenges that had to be overcome to ensure a successful project: Complete renovations within a 100 year-old building, while the upper floors continued with their daily operations as a Child Care Facility. Remove Demolition debris from the building. “Green” a historic building to achieve a LEED EB Gold Certification. Jendoco took great care and consideration with the construction procedures used to insure minimal inconvenience to the occupants. A secure walkway was built through the site’s highly active playground area to protect the children and Instructors. Jendoco also faced the challenge of how to remove 130 tons of demolition material from the building.

To solve this complex problem, Jendoco exercised the same method and theory used a 100  years earlier during the original construction,  – extreme manual labor.  All 130 tons of stone, brick and concrete was removed from the building by hand in nothing more then five-gallon buckets. Jendoco worked closely with the design team and owner to comply with LEED EB requirements and obtain a Gold rating. Through the entire team’s efforts, the Carriage House Children’s Center is the Nation’s first Green Childcare Facility in a Renovated Building.

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