Clarion University

Barnes Center for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology


Clarion University

Barnes Center for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology


The Clarion University Foundation Inc.
840 Wood St. Clarion PA, 16214
+1 800 672 7171 or +1 814 393 2000


NEXT Architecture,

1133 Penn Ave Ste 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Mr. Dan Delisio, AIA,


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Clarion University – Barnes Center for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

The Clarion University Foundation Inc. selected Jendoco Construction to build the new three-story Gregory Barnes Center for Biotechnology Business Development.   This was the  first building in the newly developed Trinity Point business park located near the intersection of interstate 80 and route 66 in  Clarion, PA.  Jendoco built the core and shell of the building with steel structure, glass curtainwall & storefront systems, and brick façade.  The glass curtainwall was designed with multiple glass panel colors, which gives the building the appearance of moving while traveling along interstate 80.  We also built out the first floor tenant improvements while the second and third floors were available for lease.

The building was designed to obtain LEED Silver rating.  The electrical and HVAC systems conserve energy while providing comfort through sophisticated controls and recovery systems.  Building recycling stations were implemented along with construction debris recycling.  Materials with high recycling content manufactured locally (within 500 miles) were installed to reduce natural resources consumptions.  The white vinyl roof material contained a high reflectivity coefficient, which reduced the “Heat Island Effect” and cooling loads on the HVAC unit.

Jendoco Construction provided strong construction leadership and coordination during a difficult schedule.  The project was to be complete in less than six months.  We were able to reach substantial completion at five months, providing plenty of time for the owner to move in prior to the November 1st move-in date.  Jendoco also solved the concern of structural steel canopy penetrating the curtain wall by changing the canopy to an attached awning type which  solved the maintenance problem of steel expanding and contracting through the glass panels.

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