Regenerative Project Delivery Services

When you have a project and want assistance conceptualizing and developing it in a way that seeks to generate – and regenerate – greater value associated with people, communities, and nature, making each stronger, more vibrant, and more resilient.​

Regenerative Project Delivery is an innovative approach wherein Jendoco facilitates a process that seeks to align project teams around purpose, goals, and aspirations and reconcile the economic, social, and physical value of a project in a way that is people-centered and mission-driven so that the capacity of the team is enhanced through collaboration, the project fulfills an otherwise unimagined potential and the impact of each creates radical renewal and revitalization in a much larger context.

Michael Kuhn, President, and Chris Klehm, VP of Sustainability and Director of e2 – Energy and Environmental Solutions are Certified Regenerative Practitioners through the Regenesis Institute and have been working with project teams to introduce the frameworks of regenerative principles designed to guide a new way of thinking and harness place-sourced potential.


Projects Completed