Plum Corporation Warehouse Renovations

The scope of work involved converting an existing warehouse building into a modern manufacturing facility that was ADA compliant. The warehouse was converted by adding two overhead cranes within the existing structure. The overhead crane work included foundations, structural steel, for a 7.5 ton and a 15 ton crane. Jendoco also remove 6,000 square feet of existing concrete floor slab and installed a new thickened material storage slab. The last major element was constructing two interior recessed loading docks.

Many challenges were encountered during the project. The most difficult challenge of the project was performing the concrete foundation work inside an existing building. Due to the soil composition being mostly pyritic shale, approximately 85% of the crane foundations, both recessed loading docks, and the entire material storage area had to be over excavated, sealed and backfilled with a non-lime stone material. Jendoco was able to develop an efficient sequence of construction to maintain the original project schedule.

Jendoco worked closely with the owner to deliver a quality project on schedule and within the budget. Jendoco was also able to overcome the project challenges by working closely with the project consultants and through the dedication of our field personnel.