Le Mont Restaurant

Le Mont Restaurant

Jendoco Construction Corporation completed the additions and alterations to the original Le Mont Restaurant. The work was completed for Mr. Jim Blandi who operated the restaurant for many years.

The work consisted on the addition of a two story banquet, party and dining facility overlooking the Golden Triangle.

On of the complexities of the project was that structurally, the building had to be supported on two huge caissons through the mine shafts that honeycomb Mount Washington. The caissons were 8 ft in diameter had to be dug by hand as there was no ability to access the steep slope with excavating equipment.

All the structural steel had to be set over top the existing restaurant and steel erectors and crane operator were coordinated by hand radios.
The project also consisted of kitchen upgrades and finishes.

Jendoco Construction Corporation also constructed the parking facility opposite the Le Mont Restaurant at the same time.