Saint Joseph - Coraopolis, PA

Saint Joseph Church
Coraopolis, PA

Since its original construction, approximately 90 years ago, St. Joseph’s Church had a few external or internal changes. In early 2006, Fr. Michael Caridi and an anonymous member of the congregation took on the task of restoring the church but focusing mainly on the Chancel.

Having found old photographs of what it once looked like, the process soon took shape and a program was developed for the restoration. With the collaboration of the Design Team, Jendoco Construction Corporation was able to minimize the demolition in order to prepare for the reconstruction of the Chancel and to restore it to its original design.

All of the reconstruction occurred during the normal work week. At the end of each week, everything was moved and cleaned in order to allow for the weekend services. Allowances were also made for daily masses and other church scheduled events.

The pipe organ was moved out of the Chancel area in order to be refurbished. This created space to rework the raised floor and move the Altar back to create space for additional pews. The organ was then relocated to its original location in the choir loft above the narthex. The space vacated by the pipe organ could now be utilized for the intended purpose of the original design.

From the old photographs, the project team was able to recreate most of the minute details and develop drawings which represented the original. Lighting levels were upgraded in the Nave, as well as a sophisticated crossing lighting pattern focusing on the entire Chancel.