Carnegie Mellon University - Hamerschlag Hall

Carnegie Mellon University - Hamerschlag Hall
Addition and Renovation

This project was unique for two reasons: First, it was completed in one of Carnegie Mellon University’s historic Hornbostel buildings. Second, the space houses the “Center for Silicon Systems Implementation” (CSSI) part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, in the School of Engineering. CSSI researches and designs the cutting edge of computer chip technology.

The project scope of work included a complete demolition of existing interior offices and construction of a new open work space. The open work stations provide approximately 44 graduate student workspaces.

The exterior offices, which are occupied by faculty and staff, also received upgrades in finishes, lighting and HVAC.

The project also provided a new lounge, conference center and ADA toilet rooms.

As the Construction Manager, Jendoco was able to work closely with the design professionals and the owner during the entire design and construction process to deliver a project within a tight budget.