Carnegie Museum - Dinosaurs in Their Time

Carnegie Museum Dinosaurs in Their Time

Jendoco was selected from their extensive experience of working within the exhibit environment to create the history making Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The project was an 18 month conversion of an exterior courtyard into the most scientifically correct exhibit space in the country. Jendoco had to overcome obstacles such as limited access through an existing tunnel to the courtyard through which the 90,000 pound caisson drilling rig, structural steel materials as well as cranes had to enter through, some with clearance with less than one inch. The work had to be completed while the entire facility was kept in operation and necessitated excessive coordination between the exhibit curator, museum security staff and public safety, to provide access and travel corridors in and around the construction site.

Jendoco’s knowledge of working in the exhibit areas was truly put to the test when they were asked to move the second most valuable dinosaur specimen in the world, that of the juvenile “Camerasaurus”. Jendoco not only successfully removed the specimen in its original rock from its location on the wall, but then created a mounting system for the specimen to be temporarily put on display. The mounting system designed by Jendoco’s superintendent was ultimately utilized in the specimen’s permanent location in the exhibit. That surely signifies Jendoco’s commitment and creativity that the project team brings to a unique project such as Dinosaurs in Their Time. 

In addition to the work on the main exhibit Jendoco Construction Corporation also provided the necessary assistance to complete the project under “LEED” guidelines.

2008 MBA Award Winner Renovation in Construction over $10 Million. Award Video Link click here

2009 Historic Review Commission - Preservation Award

LEED NC Silver