Geneva College - Science & Engineering

Geneva College - Science & Engineering Building

Jendoco Construction Corporation was selected to complete the interior and exterior renovations to the Geneva College Science and Engineering Facility on a Design-Build basis for the MEP’s. The project presented several challenges that had to be overcome in order to complete a successful project.

The first challenge was that the building was built in three phases. Phase I - 1920’s, Phase II – 1940’s, and Phase III – 1960’s, which required Jendoco’s skilled personnel to constantly review and revise their construction techniques to match those of the existing building.

The project was to be built in three phases while maintaining at least 2 phases of the building in service for classes throughout the construction period. Once the internal systems of the building were analyzed it was found that the project needed to be broken down into very finite phases in order to keep the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems in operation in the areas that were not under construction. This resulted in the project being completed in 14 phases without any disruptions to the classes.

Jendoco and their subcontractors replaced all the ductwork, electrical wiring, sanitary and chemical waste, water supply piping and chemical gases throughout the building, as well as general interior finish upgrades. Jendoco also provided new lab equipment, hoods, exhaust controls, make-up air and casework for the Chemistry, Biology and Physics Laboratories. This required extensive coordination with the faculty to provide the work space required. Exterior work consisted of new windows, re-pointing of brick as required, new roof and new entrances.

Jendoco Construction Corporation completed the project over an eleven month period and the facility was completed in time for the fall semester classes.