Steel City Rowing Club – Boathouse

Steel City Rowing Club – Boathouse

Steel City Rowing Club is a “non-profit organization devoted to developing the strength and character of individuals of all backgrounds through the discipline and teamwork of rowing and through opportunities to serve others” and has represented the United States in seven appearances at World Rowing Championships.

Dori and Laci Tompa started Steel City Rowing Club at their home in Verona, PA. Over the years, the club had grown to several hundred members they outgrew the Tompa’s house and the building they were renting on the river. It was time to give their world class athletes a world class training center.

The new headquarters began construction in late summer of 2009. Because of the close proximity to the river and the chance of flooding, many precautions were taken to make sure that the first floor of the boat house could withstand flood and be easily cleaned afterward. The building sits on approximately 500 c.y. concrete mat slab to avoid differential settlement on the building site. All of the mechanical and electrical equipment are all installed above the 100 year flood level. The building was complete in the Spring of 2010.

The boathouse gave the rowing club the ability to meet the needs of their members, by providing a training center, weight room, and locker rooms. SCRC was also able to meet the needs of the community by providing a multi-purpose community center with a green roof that overlooks the river.

The Boat house will be heated by geothermal heating system with radiant floor heat. The project is pending LEED certification for new construction.