SouthSide Works - Cinema

The SouthSide Works Cinema

Retro-architecture and state-of-the-art design have been combined with innovative construction techniques and unprecedented quality craftsmanship to create a one-of-a-kind movie-going experience for the City of Pittsburgh at the SouthSide Works Cinema. Complete with a neon-laced marquee above a glamorous red carpet, a two-story lobby with a swooping grand stair, and ten (10) screens amidst the second floor concession and concourse, the SouthSide Works Cinema has rekindled the style and feel of a traditional movie house.    Unlike most modern cinemas that have their theaters on the ground floor, the Cinema at SouthSide Works placed its ten (10) theaters and concession stand on the second floor, leaving the ground floor available for a majestic, two-story lobby and several first class retailers and restaurants.

The lobby features a luxurious radius staircase with an ornate aluminum and cherry-wood railing, flanked on both sides by escalators to take you to the second floor main concourse. The décor of the lobby is elegant; marble floors accented by a plush burgundy carpet, custom-built chandeliers and wall sconces, cherry-wood paneling and trim, and original artwork created by a Pittsburgh native that depicts the “Steel Heritage” of the J&L mill which once operated on this site.

The theaters boast stadium-style seating, top-of-the-line Greystone auditorium seats, and the “Mercedes-Benz” of projection and audio equipment. The largest theater has 267 seats, while the smallest only 95, for a total of 1,698.

Through intense coordination, communication, and teamwork the SouthSide Works Cinema was delivered on-schedule, under-budget, and with impeccable quality, assuring that The Soffer Organization’s vision of a majestic movie house that would change people’s attitude toward going to the movies would be fulfilled.